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Postby kurtzs » Fri Oct 14, 2011 6:00 pm

Greetings from an eclectic old timer, currently living in Maine, USA. My background includes a degree in Philosophy, NYU, (1968), some grad school in Philosophy NYU, 23 years as a derivatives trader and in house fund manager (currency focussed), a decade of organic gardening, a decade of part time ecological economics and sustainability research and education activity, and now teaching at elder college.

I am here because you folks are the future. If you want to be closer to reality, google: biophysical economics. Charles Hall is a leader in the field. Also, check out _Overshoot_ by Wm Catton. Scarcity is real, and won't reverse without a reversal of population growth. I make charitable wagers about future outcomes @ It is part of The Long Now Foundation, started by Kevin Kelly (Wired Mag) and Stewart Brand (The Whole Earth Catalog)

You should not bet against the naturally selected traits of laziness (conservation of personal energy), acquisitiveness (those with adequate reserves in caves and in/on their bodies lived to procreate), and tribal cohesiveness. There are many more humans seeking to get to the greed/power tail of the Bell Curve than to the voluntary simplicity tail.

If you care, I have 2 book reviews and a short overpop paper here: ... e_main.htm

I was a co-moderator of The Ecol-Econ list a decade ago (U of Colorado). Bill Rees (Ecol Ftprnt) is a personal acquaintance, as is Nassim Taleb. I told you I was eclectic.

My email:

Good luck; and I will feed you dozens of references and links if you are interested in probable futures instead of theory.

Cheers on the downslope. Don't wear a hair shirt with your life preserver!

Steve Kurtz
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