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Call for collaboration

Postby blairfix » Mon Oct 26, 2015 5:15 pm

Call for collaboration:

After a very fruitful discussion, yesterday, on the future of capital as power research, I have decided to open up my research for collaboration.

Social scientific research often suffers from an over-reliance on limited data. As scientists, expanding our analysis to new countries and new datasets is always important. To that end, I am inviting other researchers to expand upon the work that I have been conducting over the last few years.

I have uncovered a consisted link between energy consumption and institutional employment concentration (both corporate and governmental). My research to date consists of single year "snapshots" at the global level and time-series analysis of the United States. I invite others to conduct time-series analysis of other countries.

This work could be done independently, or it could culminate in a jointly authored paper. I believe this research has the potential to be published in a prestigious interdisciplinary journal (like Science, Nature, or Plos One). Natural scientists love social scientific research that uses energy ... and the link between energy and institutional size is quite "sexy".

If you are interested in working together, please contact me:

I would also encourage other CasP researchers to outline aspects of their research that could benefit from the contribution of others.

This will be especially helpful to new researchers, who often find it hard entering into the world of empirical research. Having a specific task highlighted by an experienced researcher might make the jump easier.

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