Input-Output Accounts Data from BEA

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Input-Output Accounts Data from BEA

Postby jmc » Sun Mar 19, 2017 5:48 pm

Does anyone have any experience using the I-O data that is provided by the BEA? For those curious, here is the link:

I ask because the measures are broken down by sector, which could be useful. But I also want to be skeptical about what I am seeing. It is not exactly clear how the matrices of MAKE and USE mix nominal and "real" estimates of value added.

Small example, this is what you read if you look at the Forestry and Fishing Column of IOUse_Before_Redefinitions_PRO_1997-2015_Sector.xlsx:
Code: Select all
Agriculture, forestry, fishing, and hunting   52658
Mining   821
Utilities   3967
Construction   1174
Manufacturing   46559
Wholesale trade   15974
Retail trade   169
Transportation and warehousing   8001
Information   554
Finance, insurance, real estate, rental, and leasing   13578
Professional and business services   3807
Educational services, health care, and social assistance   210
Arts, entertainment, recreation, accommodation, and food services   198
Other services, except government   960
Government   106
Scrap, used and secondhand goods   -46
Noncomparable imports and rest-of-the-world adjustment [1]   305
Sum of Intermediate Selected   148996
Intermediate Not Selected   0
Total Intermediate   148996
Compensation of employees   26613
Taxes on production and imports, less subsidies   -1085
Gross operating surplus   83267
Sum of Value Added Selected   108795
Sum of Value Added Not Selected   0
Total Value Added   108795
Total Industry Output   257792

It appears that "Total Intermediate" is nominal, no? But then the question is whether the dollars coming from other sectors are also nominal, or have their "value added" included.

So thoughts, criticisms or warnings are welcome. I might have to run for the hills and not look back.
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